Asia Karlin (left), Pamela Strelcheck (right)  Photo Credit, Samantha Behling/Northwest Quarterly

Asia Karlin (left), Pamela Strelcheck (right)

Photo Credit, Samantha Behling/Northwest Quarterly

Pamela Strelcheck - Owner/President

It took me to the age of 52 years to realize that I needed to fan my spiritual gifts of administration, hospitality and mercy.  God’s whisper to share my love for cooking and baking with others - on a much grander scale than I ever could imagine - made sense.  I have been living a gluten free lifestyle for nine years now.  It was a choice based on my health needs and I’m a much happier and healthier person today.  I have lived through the scarcity of gluten free items on the shelves of grocery stores and have tried and spent a lot of money on card board cookies and breads that crumbed in my hands.  Today, it’s almost mind boggling how many different types of gluten free options there are.  Anyone can quickly get their fix from pizza to donuts with taste and texture familiar to the pallet. Unfortunately, that taste and texture - in many of those products - contain preservatives and unknown additives.  When you think you are eating healthier, you just end up eating processed foods minus the gluten.  It is with that knowledge, I decided to get real good at baking gluten free sweets using quality ingredients I could trust. Whenever possible, I use organic ingredients free of preservatives and GMOs. I bake with love and produce a homemade product that is often passed for the real thing (made with gluten) and one my mom, Rose would be proud of!


Asia Karlin - Baking Specialist

Asia Karlin was introduced to baking at a very young age by her grandmother, Mary.  Those fond memories coupled with her desire for an artistic outlet – fueled her passion for baking.  Asia has been in the restaurant industry for nine years because she loves creating a memorable experience.  The Opportunity she has now - to expand her skills and bake for those with a dietary restriction - excites her because she loves a challenge!  Asia is dedicated to producing a quality product that will reflect Rosie’s standard for excellence.